Joey Brink

Joey received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University in 2011. While at Yale, he worked in the Human-Machine Interface Laboratory on carillon haptics. In addition to engineering and robots, Joey holds a passion for the carillon, a musical instrument similar to an organ composed of about 50 bells in a tower. Before coming to Utah, Joey received a diploma in carillon performance from the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen, Belgium. Joey earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah while conducting research in the Telerobotics Lab. On the weekends, Joey likes to hike, bike, ski and immerse himself in other more physically demanding modes of transportation. He is also an avid board game collector and hopes to one day publish a board game of his own.


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Here's a video of me playing the carillon of the Sint-Rombouts Tower in Mechelen, Belgium. The carillon is similar to an organ in that there are both manual keys for the hands and pedals for the feet - replace the pipes with bells and make a few other changes. Unlike an organ, dynamics can be produced on the carillon by delivering touch-sensitive strokes. For more on carillons, visit

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